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10 of the most commonly missed deductions that will reduce your taxes by $10k right now!

True stories of actual clients:
  • Mrs X wanted to retire by 55 and pay for her son’s college – Shauna helped her get to both of these goals by reducing her taxes by $20,296/year
  • During the Strategic Tax Planning process for her small crafting business, Mrs. Y found out that her son had cancer and she was going to have to pay for a $40,000 treatment.  Shauna’s Strategic Tax Coaching Plan saved the client $26,266/year and helped the client cover the medical bills for her son in full!
  • Mr. Z was buying his retiring partner out from the business they built together.  He needed the money to buy out his partner and wasn’t sure where to get it from.  Shauna created a Strategic Tax Coaching Plan that saved Mr. Z $16,538/year which was more than enough to cover the payments to his partner.

In this free ebook, you will learn about the ten most frequently overlooked specialty tax deductions for business owners, self-employed people, and entrepreneurs.

Simply fill out the form on this page to get your free copy today!

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